Cam Bergeron, CSCS

Injury Prevention Through Body Awareness

The human body is an example of engineering at its finest.  Think of your body as a machine.  It will only function properly when all parts are working together as they should.  The body is only as strong as its weakest link.  Every individual should always be aware of the way in which they carry […]

Change Your Routine

Variety is key. Your body will adapt to whatever stimulus, resistance or exercise you subject it to. Variety will keep your body constantly challenged and keep your mind fresh. Other benefits of not doing the same thing day in/day out: Less boredem Less “stale” workouts. Less overtaining Potentially less injury New skill development More places […]

Professional Coach Interview – Brett Sullivan

Brett Sullivan,  a New England area Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach recently visited the Guangzhou Sport Institute in Guangzhou China for a unique opportunity to train elite Chinese National Olympic hopefuls. The Guangzhou Sport Institute is second only to China’s Beijing Olympic Training Center. PROVEIT FITWEAR had the privilege to sit down with him to talk […]

“I Need To Join A Gym!” – Part 2: “The Tour”

So you’ve made the decision and you’ve made it to the door – NOW WHAT? #1 RULE: DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO START YOUR MEMBERSHIP! Not by anyone on the membership staff, front desk staff or anyone else who may or may not represent your candidate fitness center. It is their #1 goal (job) to […]

My New Year Resolution: “Hire A Personal Trainer”

I have been in the fitness industry for over two decades and have experienced and spoken with many personal trainers – all possessing various levels of experience and education. As with any industry or occupation, personal training options can be very diverse and subsequently confusing and complex at times for an individual considering personal training […]