Stephon Deifer – Staying Active and Sending It.

We found this mountain athlete through social media and was instantly curious about how he came to choose snowboarding as his activity of choice. He has a huge following and we figured that it was a long shot BUT we sent him an interview request hoping that he would allow us to share his story. […]

Kenneth Herrera’s Pro Card Chase Begins

In less than 12 hours PROVEIT FITWEAR ambassador Kenneth Herrera will be stepping on “The Stage” for the first time at the NPC STEVE STONE METROPOLITAN CHAMPIONSHIP. We’ve been following his progression from lifter to competitor. We got a quick interview with him about his journey… – what made you finally decide to compete this […]


Kenneth Herrera – Physique or Classic Physique?

Update: We caught up with Kenneth to get an update on his current and future plans towards his goal of becoming an NPC competitor. Here’s what he had to report… KH: “I’m currently debating if I’m going to compete at this year New Englands show in November or wait until the Cutler 2016. I will […]

NEFL GSD 2015 Schedule

NEFL Granite State Destroyers

PROVEIT FITWEAR welcomes New England Football League (NEFL) Granite State Destroyers to the PF Team. GSD is a semi-professional football team based out of Raymond, New Hampshire. Formed in 2014 by a group of veteran semi-professional players and coaches, the Destroyers found success in their first year in the league. 2015 has shown continued improvement […]

Athlete Interview: Paul Brannon

PROVEIT FITWEAR strives to inspire and motivate everyone to improve their lifestyle through exercise and life activity. Whenever we meet someone who represents what we are about we like to recognize and pay it forward with their positive message. Meet Paul Brannon… I was born with the amniotic band wrapped around my leg. I was […]

Athlete Interviews: Chris Wood

Chris Wood, 27 PF: How long have you been training/exercising/competing? Wrestling 4 years, weightlifting 9 years PF: When/Where was last show  January 28th 2015 Georgia-Alabama LWC Championships -1st place PF: What show is coming next? Next competition is Olympic Day Savannah, May 30th PF: What motivates you? The athletes I coach and my closest friends/family PF: […]

Athlete Interviews: Emily Rodrigues

Emily Rodrigues, 22 PF: When/Where was last show? I had the pleasure to compete for the first time 2014 OCB Cape Cod Naturals.  Unfortunately, I did not place in this show, but with all the knowledge and support I have this time around I am hoping to have a different story next time. PF: What show […]

Athlete Interviews: Kenneth Herrera

Kenneth Herrera, 25 PF: How long have you been training/exercising/competing? I’ve been lifting weights for on and off for 6 years. PF: When/Where was last show?  I was preparing for the Jay Cutler classic as my first competition. I began to diet down last month for the show.Two months ago I weighed 251 pounds – today I’m […]