Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible improve their health and lifestyle. Our focus is to encourage and motivate people to become physically active doing what they love and help create positive long-term lifestyle habits.

From PROVEIT FITWEAR Founder Trainer Rudy – Being a former collegiate football player and military veteran, I have always been motivated to lead by action. The brand was born of a 12 week weight-loss challenge between my team of 8 clients and 3 other trainer-led  teams. Instead of just instructing my team how to succeed in their personal weight loss journey I chose to lead by action. I used social media daily to show my team  (and the whole world) my eating and workouts.  I led my team’s fight to victory and proved it by personally losing 45lbs in 12 weeks!

My team learned about inner strength, dedication and PURPOSE! As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer I have mentored and trained individuals from all walks of life –  seniors preserving quality of life, young aspiring athletes, mothers looking to get back into that “little black dress”….each person had a unique goal. Each shared a common factor of success – MOTIVATION!